l l BlackLiquid – Fuck Conventions l l

Blackliquid present this awesome outfit exclusive for the event


Complet Outfit:   blackLiquid   –  OUTFIT –  Fuck Conventions

(included: hair, hairbase, beard, and suit)
Poses: – Del May – Cool stand Male
              – R.icielli  –  EDITORIAL poses  04/01

Tolerance is the way to meet other, different from me, but my equal.

Homophobia is a disease that has caused more deaths than HIV throughout history. Hate crimes occur every day in the world and the victims are people whose only crime is to have different preferences.

It is incomprehensible that even today there are over 10 countries that punish homosexuality in prison, some of them life imprisonment and other 5 countries punish homosexuality with the death penalty.

Fortunately, homophobes are a minority, but the struggle for tolerance and integration is just beginning and we must all do our part to build a better world for future generations.

The fashion we’ll do against homophobia and in favor of tolerance October 27 and February 28, 2012 at the Auditorium Thibeaud Patch, October 31 Solo Evane Agency and Constructed November 3 to BeStyle Agency.

If you choose to support us, we would have a unique design inspired by the tolerance and inclusion. Once the fashion shows are an exhibition will be opened where the drawings will be displayed for a week. Revenues from the sale will be donated drawings complete the non-profit organization: COGAM (http://www.cogam.es/en/quienes-somos)

For more information please contact Shena Neox


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