Mr.Virtual Mexico 2012





Mariachi!!!! It is not only the music,

it is not only the name given to the music, the musicians or the band and orchestras that play the instruments, it is a form of art, deriving from all of those things combined and translated into best known form of folk music of Mexico. It is the National Costume of Mr. Virtual World Mexico, Mr. Sothis Sirius, and NOW it is the Newest Release available to you from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture

Inspired by the famous post-war screen and operetta sensation, Luis Mariano, MEXICAN MARIACHI brings the vivacity of the sounds to life in this finely decorated costume. The fitted all white pant suit and tailored short jacket is embellished with rich gold of the embroidery and prim gold trimming. The white trimmed ruffles of the top, adorn the chest from the tie to belt. The cinched red and gold belt and matching red satin bow add vibrance to this vintage piece. The outfit is completed with a matching, finely detailed sombrero and complimented with a colorful, hanging fringe sash.

You can hear the music in the background playing while your beautiful seniorita awaits your hand in a dance she won’t forget.

Take the limo below to CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture and strike up the band in MEXICAN MARIACHI.

Modeled By Mr. Virtual World Mexico 2012, Sothis Sirius!
Photographer : Enzo CHAMPAGNE


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